Urban Market delivery

started during the community quarantine due to the COVID 19 pandemic where people ask to stay home and have very limited access to everything. Mal-Mel (now urban market) thinks of something to at least dispose of some of the stock supply from their restaurant so this will help make some living since all of their restaurants are closed.

Being in the restaurant industry they mostly know a lot of direct supplier of goods and other merchandise so it is so much easy for them to just switch into this new venture without a doubt as this is really in time and fits on the new normal living. A big help in the community for letting them stay home and have a much convenient and safe way to shop there every day “pang-ulam”.

With this in mind of helping, it’s a couple’s vision to provide the most essential everyday needs at the most affordable price they can offer. What are you waiting for? Click and shop, and don’t forget to register for a faster transaction the next time.